Community Toolkit

The purpose of this page is to provide active community groups with educational information on the misuse, abuse, and safety concerns in the area of pharmaceutical diversion. In addition, we encourage community partners to support law enforcement efforts to promote safe communities through proper disposal of prescription medications, while preventing prescription drug abuse and reducing environmental pollution at the same time.  By offering communities a process for the proper and timely disposal of prescription drugs, law enforcement agencies can reduce the likelihood of misuse or abuse of medications by family, friends, or visitors.

NADDI applauds the ongoing efforts of many proactive organizations across the U.S. and encourages others to join the movement.  We have included several excellent resources for our prevention partners benefit.

Web Resources:

Stop Medicine Abuse

Above the Influence

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

The Anti Drug

The Partnership for a Drug Free America

Drug Free Collier (Fl)

N.O.P.E. Taskforce