Law Enforcement Toolkit

The purpose of this page is to provide law enforcement agencies with information on a variety of methods to promote safe communities through proper disposal of prescription medications, while preventing prescription drug abuse and reducing environmental pollution at the same time. By offering communities a process for the proper and timely disposal of prescription drugs, law enforcement agencies can reduce the likelihood of misuse or abuse of medications by family, friends, or visitors.

Authority to Perform Programs:

Procedures for Disposing of Controlled Substances – CFR 21 – 1307.21

Exemption of LEO – CFR21 – 1307.24

Basic Presentation Outline for LE Administration:

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Program Types:

Take Back Collections   PDF Power Point Slide Show *

Drop Box Collections    PDF Power Point Slide Show *

Envelope Collections    PDF Power Point Slide Show *

All Three Collection Types in one Presentation    PDF Power Point Slide Show *

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Promotional Information:

Community Brochure (Large download – printable pdf)

“What Can I Turn In”